our roots

Kula is a plant based food producer in Vancouver, BC. We create Afrocentric plant-based foods that are rich in flavour, nutritious, and satisfying. Our first product line is inspired by diverse Kenyan flavours: Sukuma Stew, Chapati and Mandazi also known as Swahili Doughnuts.

why we do what we d0

After many years in the corporate world, we decided to dive into what we love to do best, creating and sharing food with friends and family. Over the last few years, we chose to make a lifestyle change by exploring plant-based food and products. Although there are many great vegan options in Vancouver, we found few options from our African and Caribbean heritage.

Tribe Life

Kula has an opportunity to expand the spectrum of flavours in Vancouver. We are excited to introduce a new but familiar taste to the market. KULA produces plant based foods designed for sharing. What makes us different? We value community and aim to bring people together through food!